BLOG LOVE: Alicia Fashionista Gets Inspired by our Bold Prints

When we look for new trends, we're always scrolling through Instagram at what the fashion bloggers are loving. One of our favourites to look at is Alicia Fashionista from Vancouver, BC. Focussed on style, beauty and travel, Alicia hits 3 points that rule our universe. Here she takes in our new activewear line, DAUB | ACTIVE.
alicia fashionista activewear vancouver brands to watch made in canada quality no pill leggings printed tie dye gastown
Alicia came by the DAUB studios last week with her good friend, Alexandra Grant, of To Vogue or Bust. Both style bloggers are big fans of our original Daub + Design so they were excited to see what was in store. Having watched the video, the new line was inspected closely by these two pros. The feel of the fabrics and the detail of the prints received immediate approval.
alicia fashionista printed leggings orchid purple leggings white sneakers pop art back alley activewear leggings athleisure
Alicia and I chatted about the typical "Vancouver" wardrobe: Black. Black. Black. Maybe throw some grey in there to spice things up. So needless to say, our Creative Director, Lexi Soukoreff, was relieved when Alicia expressed how gorgeous the prints were from our new collection!  We both agreed they're all quite neutral, despite being bold, colourful and *tie-dye*. We're coining the term sophisticated tie-dye to be exact.
curvy girl racerback sports bra mesh printed legging made in vancouver made in canada high quality no pill gastown artsy photography athleisure fitness blogger fashion style
The take away we get from the afternoon was this:
- Tie-dye can be gorgeous and we've nailed that.
- Women want leggings that fit them. Read Alicia's hilarious commentary HERE.
- Our new line is incredible versatile in (y)our predominately black wardrobe. Check mark. We planned that!
- The quality Italian fabrics and exclusive prints make the line amazing.

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And from Alicia's photos - that curvy girls look fantastic in our line. No more fears about colour. Our line is for real women with real bodies who want to dress in style. 

Much love xo