HERE WE GO! The fabric has arrived from Italy and has been printed with our exclusive designs! We're just waiting on our markers to be made so everything can be cut and then sewn. We're still looking at June completion, however, it will most likely be July when your new activewear pieces from DAUB | ACTIVE arrive at your doorstep. 

Our fabric being printed at our facility in Vancouver.
Our fabric being printed at our facility in Vancouver.

Basically here's how it works:

At this point, we've sourced fabric from all over the world. Our favourites for DAUB | ACTIVE came from Italy. We work with small textile mills that specialize in fabrics for elite sports. Our fabric had to be made from scratch before it was able to be shipped. I was definitely not expecting this! This took a little longer than initially expected and has put us a week or so behind schedule. Not to worry though! Everything is in Canada now!

A marker is basically the giant game of Tetris. It is designed by a contractor who uses a system called Gerber to figure out the best use of fabric. Think of it like when you bake cookies and you try to get the most out of the dough - except that you can't roll out the little bits to use up the left overs.

Today I'm calling all the vendors we work with to find out exactly when the cutting can happen. Final fitting of the CHLOE and KENNEDY Bras this week. If anyone is free and wants to come by the studio for a fitting today or tomorrow (Tuesday or Wednesday), email us to set up a time.

We've got a few surprises up our sleeve for you as well so sit tight! We'll update when anything exciting happens :)

Thanks for your excitement and patience! So excited to get this out to you!

Lexi xo