DAUB | ACTIVE becomes reality February 2017.

We've worked tirelessly over the last year to find our favourite fabrics and fit for our new line of activewear. We listened to our clients who've supported us wholeheartedly through Daub + Design. As much as they LOVE the original hand-dyed items, they were searching for something made specifically for athletic activities. The request was put out there for the wide, yoga waistband and so we set out to make it. Along the way, we played with different widths and different shapes to ensure the best possible fit. The major complaint we hear about leggings is the waistband flipping down or sliding during wear or the quality of the fabric in regards to transparency and pilling.

Let us tell you. As a small company, it's not easy to get your hands on any fabric you want. Often, fabrics need to be purchases in 500m+ which, to us is A LOT of leggings and a lot of capital needed for the first go! Luckily, we found some amazing suppliers though on the search and we can't wait to share our product with you. Our new patterns are derived from our Creative Director's hand-dyed textile designs and brought into the digital world with sublimation prints. All items have been designed in Canada and are manufactured in our Vancouver factories.

We'll be launching a pre-sale on Kickstarter mid February. Stayed tuned for photos and behind the scenes from shooting our Kickstarter video.