About us

DAUB | ACTIVE comes from an evolution of a mindset. Creator, Lexi Soukoreff, began her first apparel company, Daub + Design, in 2010, hand-dyeing all the items in the activewear line. DAUB | ACTIVE incorporates her recognizable aesthetic into beautiful pieces of art that are designed specifically for an active lifestyle.

"Every product we make aims to inspire fierce passion in our community of like-minded women—whether they’re neighbors or across the globe, at all of our hearts there's a desire to break boundaries and push ourselves. Our building blocks of effortless sophistication and functional luxury are designed to give our clients exactly what they want. Something different—something new."

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DAUB | ACTIVE is a hybrid of unique prints born in the art world, and the limitless opportunities of technology printing allows for a new generation of athletic wear. Combined with luxurious fabrics sourced from around the globe, DAUB | ACTIVE inspires you to play harder, push the limits, and never compromise style for comfort and quality.